Is that laundry piling up on the couch? Has it gone for round 12 through the dryer just waiting to be put away? Are you just sick and tired of washing the 4th wardrobe change from your beautiful kiddo? Download the app NOW to get that laundry knocked out and returned fresh, clean and folded.

About Us

We are your peer to peer laundry service standing by to knock out that laundry for you. Our laundry partners are background checked and trained to handle your most delicate items. They will wash, fold and sort your clothes and deliver them back the same day if in by 12:00pm.

Flat Rate Pricing starting at $29.99/bag. See our pricing page for bag size and additional pricing.

How it works

We have worked our hardest to make this the easiest process as possible. Fill up the laundry bag, schedule a pick up in the app, set your laundry outside. The laundry fairy picks it up, does their magic and voila…you have fresh, clean, folded laundry delivered back to your doorstep.

Step 1

Fill up our bag or the trash bag equivalent with your dirty laundry.

Step 2

Schedule a pick up through the app.

Step 3

Sit back and relax. Laundry is done!

Step 4

Your laundry will be delivered back fast. If you are lucky it will still be warm from the dryer.

How Big Is The Bag

Our small bag ($29.99) is the equivalent of 1.5 (13) gallon trash bags. Our large bag ($44.99) is about 3 (13) gallon trash bags.

Do You Love Laundry?

If you have a passion for laundry, money or both, then becoming a laundry partner might be right for you. Head on over to the partners page and fill out the form to get the process started. You must be able to pass the background check and have reliable transportation.